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History of an MC world me some people created. :P

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History of an MC world me some people created. :P

Post by MinifigDesigner on Sat Apr 27, 2013 12:45 am

And so it was, when the Drow invaded the continent of which the Dwarves of Diamond Hall dwelt, that they had ravaged the very heart of their prosperous caves and chambers, filled with treasures and life. King Condurad, with no other recourse, set off the evacuation, and laid bare their chambers, and set off an explosion, so powerful, that it flattened the entire realm. Now when this explosion occurred, the most unlikely event interfered…at this age, the Dwarves has discovered the secrets of Alchemy, and experimented much with poisons and potions…and so, in their laboratory of this art, their potions and poisons set off an explosion far deadlier than any creature imagined. The wrath of this fire, leaped up, and caused the very earth to shatter into different parts and pieces, the center becoming a wasteland, the Drow utterly destroyed…but that was not all. The earth was caused to be flung into the very atmosphere, and caused a winter in the South, so long and terrible, that the Lunar Elves had to adapt, to endure. Now because of this explosion, the Lunar Elves now lived in perpetual winter, and the trees that they once co-existed with, had twisted and grew to unimaginable heights, and thus destroyed their kingdom. Now, when it came that they re-located, they renewed their alliance with the Dwarves, and took caution upon the Half-Drow…but an enemy entered, that the Lunar Elves could not tolerate. The Blood Elves came to this realm, and took up their own province, and were bitter rivals of the Lunar Elves. The Elves had been at war for many years, and thus was the War of the Celestials. For many years, the nations have been at war, so cautious were they, after the explosion of Diamond Hall…so cruel and fearful were they…such is the way when sudden disaster strikes the hearts of all.

Now when disaster struck, the remaining Dwarves of Diamond Hall left their realm, and it was not they, but their distant cousins, the Dwarves of the Iron Hill, that sailed over to the horizon, in their ships wrought in metal. And it was in that hour, that King Duelendil, sought his old friend and ally, the Diamond Hall Dwarves, but was met with them. And so began their friendship, the Moon-Metal Alliance. Their friendship was very prosperous, giving way to many years of wealth and life. The Iron Hill Dwarves made their city in a large hill, of which many caves existed, and was filled with much iron and the metals of which Dwarves smelt to make their fine crafts. With his knowledge from his older friend, Duelendil and the remaining Lunar Elves passed on the art of Alchemy to the Dwarves, and so it was that the Dwarves in turn taught the Elves the arts of jewels and gems…

The Half-Drow, was begun when the terrible Drow invaded, and captured a human village. In that time, the Drow and Humans became accustomed to each other, and few even married one another. But it was the marriage of such a combination, that a Half-Drow was born…this Half-Drow rebelled, with his parents, but alas, they were slayed. The Humans revolted along with their new ally, and so it was that the Liberation of the Half-Drow began. Short was this rebellion, with the humans gaining back their freedom, along with a few Drow choosing to stay with them. This Half-Drow in particular, led this colony, and his city grew…

The Blood Elves are an ancient race, as old as the Lunar Elves, except, they are much different, yet similar. In their elder wars, the Blood Elves established unity, a race of Elves that worshipped the deity of the Sun, their skin fair, and their hair fiery, their eyes a window to their souls. Long after this war, the two races passed into legend, and they rarely met again…but when they did…much blood was spilt. For no love is between these two races…indeed. After legend became myth, myth became fairy-tale, fairy-tale into oblivion…they met once more. The Blood Elves traveled on their ferries of gold, to the realm of which the Lunar Elves dwelt, and established a new nation there. And it was, that the two races rekindled the ancient flame that was put out, and war was renewed…

In the very beginnings of time, when the Elder came first, the Lunar Elves wandered for many ages…they were born during night, and so it was the moon and stars they saw first. So enchanted by it were they, that they stood there for many nights, watching tirelessly at these entities of night. And thus they named the moon Luna, and worshipped their goddess. When they had learned much lore and knowledge, they ventured into the world, and came upon the coast of white shores, of which the land far beyond was green and plentiful. When they arrived, one Elf, by name of Duelendil, looked upon the waters, and saw a collection of stars he did not forget: the shape of the crescent moon, twined upon a silver crown. The Elves took it as a sign, and he was made their leader, their King. When the Elves thrust their kingdom on the forest of the coast, a sight they never thought possible became reality: a Halfling, they believed, adorned in gold and scarlet, and upon his head was an ancient crown: Condurad, King of the Dwarves of Diamond Hall. So he spoke with Duelendil, and in doing so, they became fast friends, and established an alliance between their two nations. Nay, unlikely it is for an Elf to trust a Dwarf, much more become friends with one, but when they do, their friendship is strong and unbreakable. For many ages, the Lunar Elves prospered, and grew to love the land of which they resided on…but that would not last, unfortunately.

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