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Best Weird Al Song Tournament! Day 22: Christmas At Ground Zero vs Ode To A Superhero

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Christmas At Ground Zero vs Ode To A Superhero

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Best Weird Al Song Tournament! Day 22: Christmas At Ground Zero vs Ode To A Superhero

Post by RAW Watchguard on Mon Aug 26, 2013 8:41 am

I'm really sorry for putting the next poll up so late, but because of the amount of votes in the previous poll, I just... how to put this? I lost all hope in the forum. Razz

From now on, I will be moving on to the next poll with whatever votes are left. Your funeral.

So here's day 22 of the Weird Al tournament, where 34 of Weird Al's arguably most well known and greatest songs shall be competing for the title of the BEST Weird Al song.

The entire bracket of the competing songs can be seen here:

Day 1: Frank's 2000 Inch TV (0) vs White & Nerdy (Winner) (5)
Day 2: Pretty Fly For A Rabbi (1) vs Albuquerque (Winner) (5)
Day 3: Trash Day (2) vs I'll Sue Ya (Winner) (4)
Day 4: Yoda (3) vs. Dare To Be Stupid (Winner) (4)
Day 5: This Is The Life (0) vs EBay (Winner) (7)
Day 6: Polkarama (1) vs Smells Like Nirvana (Winner) (4)
Day 7: Genius in France (1) vs Trigger Happy (Winner) (4)
Day 8: Headline News (2) vs Polkamon (Winner) (3)
Day 9: I Remember Larry (0) vs Another Tattoo (Winner) (4)
Day 10: Weasel Stomping Day (0) vs I Lost On Jeopardy (Winner) (5)
Day 11: Polka Face (2) vs Confessions Part III (Winner) (3)
Day 12: Stop Forwarding That Crap To Me (2) vs Virus Alert (Winner) (5)
Day 13: Living With A Hernia (1) vs Trapped In The Drive-Thru (Winner) (3)
Day 14: Do I Creep You Out (0) vs Fat (Winner) (4)
Day 15: Taco Grande (1) vs Eat It (Winner) (3)
Day 16: Happy Birthday (0) vs Canadian Idiot (Winner) (4)
Day 17: Gump (2) vs Bedrock Anthem (Winner) 3
Day 18: Everything You Know Is Wrong (1) vs When I Was Your Age (Winner) (3)
Day 19: Don't Download This Song (1) vs I Love Rocky Road (Winner) (3)
Day 20: Jurassic Park (2) vs Why Does This Always Happen To Me? (Winner) (3)
Day 21: Hardware Store (1) vs A Complicated Song (Winner) (3)

Today we have Christmas At Ground Zero:

vs Ode To A Superhero:

RAW Watchguard
RAW Watchguard

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Re: Best Weird Al Song Tournament! Day 22: Christmas At Ground Zero vs Ode To A Superhero

Post by The Not-so-Evil Overlord on Mon Aug 26, 2013 12:10 pm

Man... Two songs that I like. Why can't these get spread out with these ones that I just dislike? Razz

Well, my vote has to go for "Christmas At Ground Zero." It's pretty much my all time favorite Weird Al song. ... And actually, I think it's the first one I heard. (Oh, and slight comment for people who haven't noticed... At one point during it, there's an air-raid siren blaring in the background. And it blends in with the music so perfectly, you can sometimes miss it.)
The Not-so-Evil Overlord
The Not-so-Evil Overlord

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