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Best Weird Al song tournament! Day 8: Polkamon vs. Headline News

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Polkamon vs. Headline News

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Best Weird Al song tournament! Day 8: Polkamon vs. Headline News

Post by cBm on Mon Jul 22, 2013 10:50 pm

Yesterday, he may have been a Genius in France, but that turned out to be irrelevant when it was completely shot down by a Trigger Happy maniac.

Here we go, day 8 of the Weird Al tournament, where 34 of Weird Al's arguably most well known and greatest songs shall be competing for the title of the BEST Weird Al song.

The entire bracket of the competing songs can be seen here:

Day 1: White & Nerdy (Winner) (5) vs Frank's 2000 Inch TV (0)
Day 2: Albuquerque (Winner) (5) vs Pretty Fly For A Rabbi (1)
Day 3: I'll Sue Ya (Winner) (4) vs Trash Day (2)
Day 4: Yoda (3) vs. Dare To Be Stupid (Winner) (4)
Day 5: This Is The Life (0) vs EBay (Winner) (7)
Day 6: Polkarama (1) vs Smells Like Nirvana (Winner) (4)
Day 7: Genius in France (1) vs Trigger Happy (Winner) (4)

Today we have Polkamon:

vs. Headline News:


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