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Stories of Old ~ Forces of Two

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Stories of Old ~ Forces of Two

Post by MinifigDesigner on Wed Jan 30, 2013 10:51 pm

NOTE: It's a StarWars fanfic I'm not finished with. No copying!!! This story is owned by MinifigDesigner, however, I do not own anytything about StarWars, Disney and LucasArts own it.

Chapter 1

Anthea walked through the halls, as she awaited the response from her Master, her thoughts pacing, as the sunset’s light cast shadows amongst the hallway, as other Jedi crossed the halls to their own destinations. But my destination is here. That’s the problem… she quietly thought to herself. What if I don’t make it? What if…what if I’ll never become a Knight? Stop it, Anthea scolded herself. You’ll find out, once they come…but when? I feel so anxious…Anthea then sat down, against the wall, her brown, simple robes suddenly flowing around her, her lightsaber making a small chime as it gently hit the wall. Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath, and reached into the Force. She felt a sense of serenity enter her mind, as she allowed the Force to wash over her, purify her dark thoughts, and settle her nerves. She always felt at peace when one with the Force… she loved it. Hah. Master Aaron always said I was a Jedi of love and compassion…yet in a good way. He said I had a hidden potential, a light in me that could take form…I never understood that…but it feels nice. Anthea’s thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a door, as a Jedi, escorted by two guards, walked out. The guards closed the door behind him, and the Jedi smiled, as he looked at Anthea. Anthea rose, as her dark blonde hair bounced in the air, as she ran to him, and with delight said, “Master Aaron!” Aaron grinned, as his sea-green eyes stared with a look of calm position, as he approached with an outward serenity, hiding his fatherly compassion. “Anthea…I see you have been waiting…” Anthea bowed her head, and said, “Sorry Master. I was too nervous to wait. I wanted to hear as soon as possible…” Aaron placed his hand on her shoulder, his presence bringing a sense of calm to her. “You are forgiven Anthea. But now…” His face flickered for a moment, as a look of sorrow flashed, but then quickly passed. “Anthea, the Council has decided…they do not think you are ready…” What? That’s not possible… Anthea moved backwards in shock, her eyes beginning to tremble, but then quickly stopped. “What…how…? But I worked so hard…so much effort...no. No. I didn’t…I didn’t pass…” Anthea couldn’t control it, and she began to weep, her tears streaming down her face, like a gentle stream of water. She then felt a hand move her chin upwards and she found herself staring into her Master’s eyes, his green eyes that calmed her so many times before. “Anthea, do not feel sorrow. You must control your emotions. That is one of the reasons why you did not pass. Anthea…recite with me. Recite the Code.” Anthea spoke, her voice trembling, and she heard Master Aaron speak too: “There is no emotion, there is peace. There is no ignorance, there is knowledge. There is no passion, there is serenity. There is no chaos, there is harmony. There is no death, there is the Force.” Anthea took a deep breath, and opened her eyes. “Thank you, Master. I will control my emotions.” Aaron smiled, and said, “Excellent. Now then, shall we do some more training?” Anthea smiled, and replied, “I would like that.”

Chapter 2

“It’s a beautiful city.” “You take too much pleasure in beauty.” “It is a passion, I’ll admit. But aren’t passions a good thing for us?” “When they are restrained, and used as fuel. Pleasure is restrained among us. It’s only useful if you can convert it into anger, or sorrow. Have I taught you nothing?” The Sith Master turned to his Apprentice, and glared with irritation and wrath. The Apprentice returned the look, without expression, for disrespect would have earned her punishment – or death. “You have, Master. I was careless with my choice of words.” Circra Salac both hated and respected her Master. He was powerful and wise, unlike the few idiotic commoners among the Masters. He knew his own strength, and limits – something most Sith found rather difficult to possess. Too many were prideful and arrogant, underestimating almost all opponents, thinking themselves more powerful than the rest. But Darth Drauglin was different. “Better…it would be…unfortunate if I had to…remind you of your position.” Circra resisted the urge to touch the scar on her face. Darth Drauglin had scarred her with his lightsaber, when she had suggested her own opinion when they were planning an attack to re-capture a planet. Sometimes, she could still feel it when it had just been burned…Drauglin spoke, interrupting her flash-back. “But for now, it seems the Council have chosen you for a specific mission…it seems a rogue Sith has been causing havoc on a Republic planet – however, his actions could threaten us, too. It seems that he knows of our plans on our next planet to attack – Alderaan. They want you to eliminate him immediately. However, since he is on Republic territory…be cautious. The Republic, or the Jedi themselves, may get involved with this, and take matters of destroying him, their own…since it is you, my Apprentice, that has been given this mission…” Darth Drauglin suddenly walked closer to her, and whispered in her ear – “Do not fail me.” He then walked out of the room, where they were overlooking the planet Alderaan. Circra gave a malevolent smile. Oh, I won’t fail. I will show just how powerful and knowledgeable I have become…yes. I will astound the Sith with how easy I disposed of him…and perhaps…maybe a Jedi too…with that, Circra turned towards the door, her pale skin almost glowing in the dim room, her red-brown hair glinting when it caught the light of the holomap, and her electric blue eyes shown with beauty and malice. Circra was an extremely beautiful human, especially for a Sith. It seemed that the Dark Side’s ravaging effects on one’s appearance did not seem to touch her…she used that to her advantage when battling opponents, sometimes making a few halt their attack, when she gracefully flipped in the air, or did an elegant slash. She was a very potential Apprentice indeed…Circra gave one last thought of her mission – and left the room, leaving nothing but an aura of the Dark Side in the air…

Chapter 3

Anthea’s saber rebounded against her opponent’s, gritting her teeth, as their power was on par. Her foe, a male Arkanian, halted the push, and instead attempted to disarm her, executing a twirl slash, under her guard. Anthea quickly dodged it, and rolling to the side, as the familiar hum of a lightsaber went over her head. Argh, I have to find a way to get past him…he’s crafty, that’s for sure. Her thoughts were interrupted, as he jumped in the air, aided by the Force, as he did an aerial slash at her head. Anthea blocked the attack, and countered with a slash behind her, grazing the Jedi’s stomach. He clenched over, and gave a satisfied smile. Anthea helped him to his feet, smiling, said, “That was good. I’m surprised I defeated you. You’re a very fast duelist.” The Arkanian weakly said, “Well, it wasn’t easy. You have a surprisingly excellent guard, considering your form is Ataru and Djem So.” Anthea gave a laugh, “I guess my practicing has been paying off.” Although it wasn’t enough to pass the Trials…nonsense. I’ll just continue to train. I know I’ll pass next time, I know it!! Anthea, for a few hours, was extremely down, dangerously so. But she had regained her confidence; she knew she would never pass again, if she didn’t believe in herself. And so she continued to train, preparing for when she would have to test again. Anthea remembered about the burn on the Arkanian, and exclaimed with concern as the Arkanian limped through the Dueling Grounds, clenching his stomach. “Do you need help?” “It’s fine really, I’ll just head to the Medical Center.” Anthea ran up to him, and replied, “No, allow me.” Anthea closed her eyes, and her hand began to glow a bright blue, as ocean-colored sparks of light danced from her palm, and almost like a festival, started to circle around the burn, dancing and twirling, as the light entered the burn, and both cleansed and healed the wound. She opened her eyes, and stood up. The Arkanian Jedi looked with surprise, “Thank you…that was very kind of you. I’m impressed at how fast that healed…thank you again.” Anthea replied, “It was really that fast? Huh…” Anthea pondered this, as the Arkanian nodded, and walked to his quarters. “Anthea!” She quickly snapped back to reality, as a Padawan ran to her, nearly out of breath. “I…have news…from…the Council…” Anthea stared, almost daring to hope what she thought she failed. Have they decided differently!? Am I to become a Knight?! Anthea was ecstatic, as she continued to think about it. “The Council has decided…” My dream is coming true!! “The Council has decided to place a mission to you. It seems a lone Sith has been causing havoc on Dantooine. And, well, it’s becoming bad…” Anthea stared, dumbstruck. …What… Anthea recovered her humility, by saying, “Oh. I’ll report immediately. Th-thank you.” The Padawan nodded, and ran off. Anthea stood there, her eyes blank. They still think I’m not ready… Her eyes began to tear up, but then she stopped, in realization, her thoughts racing. Wait…this mission…if I can show the Council that I’m capable of fighting the Sith, then maybe… Anthea smiled, and ran to her room, determined to show the Council that she was ready. This would be her chance, she just knew it!!

Chapter 4

The Council has placed me this mission…and so I will not fail. Nothing will get in my way!! Circra continued to think, using the determination, as she hacked wildly at a training dummy, practicing. She decapitated the dummy, but she continued, slashing off it’s limbs. She stood there, breathing deeply, her eyes flashing with passion and anger. She heard clapping behind, and found another Apprentice standing there, with a mock smile on his face. Anderin. How disgusting, a disgrace to the Sith. Why is he here? “Well done. You defeated an immobile dummy. I shiver at your power.” He said, mocking her, enjoying every bit of it. Circra despised him. He was pathetic, and yet he had the audacity to mock her? “Ah, Anderin. The boy who has no strength, and no hopes of becoming a Master. How amusing. Soon, you will refer to me as Darth Salac. And you will either respect me – or die. But considering your cowardly nature, you’d be willing to even bow to me, to avoid your own, pathetic, humiliating destruction.” Anderin quickly drew his saber, and attempted to stab her. Circra easily side-stepped, and pinned him to the ground. She stood over him, her boot on his chest, and said, “Why are you here? Did you come to only be destroyed so easily?” Anderin gasped, his helpless rage plain in his eyes, as he struggled to speak. “I heard of your - *Cough* - mission. And I’m here to - *Gasp* - inform you of it even more. Let me up!!” Circra lifted her boot, and replied, “So the Council has made you their errand boy? Anderin, it seems you’ve been demoted to the rank of a servant. How fitting.” Anderin gasped, and got up, his face boiling with rage. He was a disgrace indeed. “The exact planet is Dantooine. It’s in the Outer-Rim.” Circra cut him off, losing patience. “I know Dantooine is in the Outer-Rim. Your point being?” “My point is, that you can be a little more free with your methods of dealing with him. But all the same, be careful. We don’t want to attract a whole bunch of attention. Do you got that? Or should I use more aggressive methods to get it through your thick skull?” Circra didn’t even pay attention to the last comment. He wasn’t worth her time or strength. “Very well. Anything else?” “You have two days. And…” Anderin growled, and spat in her direction. “I hope you don’t make it out alive.” Circra gave a malicious smile, and murmured, “Music to my ears. Until we meet again.” Under her breath she added, “Bantha Fodder.” Anderin walked out of the room, leaving Circra to her preparations. Two days, huh…The Sith seem unusually anxious to get it over with…hmph. Circra walked back to the training dummy, and blasted it back into the wall, resounding with a “BAM!” And it shall be done. Time to pack my things…I’m going on a hunt. Circra left the room, and walked to her quarters with leisure. Two days was a long time. And she was going to enjoy it.

Chapter 5

“Anthea?” A voice called out behind her, and Anthea found herself looking at Aaron, his long dark brown hair coming past his shoulders, and in the back, a pony-tail. Anthea gave a grin, not bothering to conceal her joy and excitement. She was too confident and happy to try and control her emotions. “Master Aaron! What are you doing here?” Aaron smiled his small, calm, fatherly smile. “I have come to see you off. What Master would I be, if I didn’t come to wish my Apprentices good luck?” Anthea laughed, replying, “Thank you Master. I think I am ready to leave…” But am I ready? To face a Sith? Aaron sensed the anxiety in Anthea, and said, “Anthea. You do not need to worry. I have taught you many things, most of all, to defend yourself. You can do this. I, most of all, know you can. You are a Jedi. Remember that…may the Force be with you.” Aaron walked away, leaving Anthea to herself by the Talon-class Republic Starfighter, in the early evening as the sun began to set over Coruscant. Many ships flew by, Jedi and pilots walked past her, in the hangar. Anthea looked to the sun, with a tear in her eye. I can do this. I have been trained, and have been trusted by the Jedi Council to do this. And my Master believes in me, too… It was one of Anthea’s few times to leave the Jedi Temple. She had very few times been needed to leave with her Master for simple missions. But now she was alone…Anthea wiped the tear out of her eye, and climbed aboard the Starfighter. I’m ready. I know what to do. I’ll show the Council that I am to become a Knight. I’ll make Master Aaron proud… Anthea strapped herself into the pilot seat, and set the coordinates. “All systems ready…hyperdrive set…let’s go.” The Starfighter lifted off the ground, and exited the hangar, and into the atmosphere, as the evening drew over the planet, like a starry black blanket, setting it to sleep…

Chapter 6

Circra checked the systems, out of boredom. The trip would take a while, that much she knew. However, she could take the time. Waiting required patience, the polar opposite of what any Sith possessed. But Circra was different. She was a polished Sith, who understood and embraced the Dark Side, yet also understood the importance of waiting…another oddity of her. Circra was often either distasteful to other Sith, or a wonder, as she possessed these strange attributes. It made her cunning. It made her powerful. It made her dangerous…it made her threatening. A mechanical voice came from the control panels, “Incoming signal from Darth Drauglin. Do you accept request?” Circra fiddled with her hair, and unconsciously nodded, “I accept. Put him on the Comlink.” The voice died out, and a different voice came, sounding calm, yet cleverly hiding inner rage, “Circra. So, you have departed.” Drauglin didn’t even ask her, he simply made it clear he knew. “Good…I need to speak with you. It seems the Jedi have sent their own envoy to eliminate the Rogue Sith…the situation has changed. You can no longer openly destroy the target. You will have develop your own plan to get him alone, where he none can witness his death. Understand…if the Jedi witnesses you attacking him, they will know that this is no mere Rogue. You cannot allow the Jedi to witness the attack…nor can you allow them to find him first. You are at a disadvantage on this mission. Now is the time to see if you can impress...failure is not an option. One last thing. I am giving you permission to kill the Jedi if they realize who you are. That is all. Do not fail me, Circra.” The Com went off, and the cockpit transcended into silence. Circra rose from her seat, taking all the information in. It seems I may get my Jedi after all…and a Sith. But first, onto the plans. This Rogue obviously must have some operation going, otherwise the Governor would have captured him from the start…hmm… Circra walked over to another room, brought out a snack from a small cabinet, and sat down at the Datapad. She searched Dantooine, going through records of citizens, companies, anything she could find. She came upon a mining company, apparently on one of it’s moons, Dantoo. “The Dantoo Mining Corporation” – Circra looked even further into it, and found a few images. …Huh. Well, well, what is that? She zoomed in on an image, on a mining cart, and found a double insignia – a hidden trademark within the company’s original design. Looks like we have our Rogue. She looked around the site even more, and found the manager of the corporation, the leader. Dar’kala, you naughty boy…he’s in with the Hutts. Circra exited the site, and finished her little meal. I’ll make plans later. But for now… Circra went back to the pilot’s seat, after throwing away the left-over meat. Circra checked the coordinates. She changed it to the capital. She was first going to find some more information on Dar’kala…Circra wanted to make sure that she was the one eliminated the Rogue. Not some foolish Jedi. I’ll make easy work of Dar’kala…and maybe later the Jedi. That Jedi won’t have news to bring back to their Order…I’ll make sure of it.

Chapter 7
Anthea strode past the grounds, as other cargo ships, and transports parked in the docks, carrying goods…both legal, and some, illegal. She found herself in a dump, the place practically deserted of authorized docking-bay workers. What happened here? Anthea thought, as she looked over buildings, that were filled with Dantooine residents, some were on the street, and others, walking fast, trying to get out of the slum-bound area…it was horrible. Anthea walked even faster, trying to avoid the sight. Anthea walked to a small station, where speeders were for sale and rent. A little bell clinked with a clear chime, when Anthea walked into the shop. A rodian shop-keeper looked up at her with a look of mediocrity his eyes seemed to be saying “Another customer. Well, let’s do this.” The rodian spoke in a deep voice, speaking fluently in Basic, greeting Anthea in a calm tone. “Welcome, welcome! And how may I be of assistance to you, today?” Anthea returned the question in a confident, cool voice, “I’m here for a speeder, would you have any by chance?” The Rodian blinked, and for a second he seemed to study her, and then gave a warm smile. “Of course, of course! I have a few sitting in the back – and all in perfect condition! Please, if you’ll follow me…” …Hmm…how odd…wouldn’t they usually be at the front? Anthea brushed away the thought, and proceeded to follow the gesturing Rodian. The Rodian just simply began talking about the speeders with an upbeat expression. “I assure you, they will serve you perfectly well. Isn’t that nice?” Anthea just nodded, not particularly focusing on his rant. They walked past a room, most likely the repair room. After walking past another room, with a few speeder bikes, Anthea stopped. “…Oh, I think we past the speeder bikes…” The Rodian’s eyes darted for a second, and he simply waved his hand. “Oh no, that one is, in, um, construction…” Anthea narrowed her eyes, she thought it was in relatively good condition, no missing parts. So why go on? The twosome reached a black door, and the Rodian inserted a card at a scanner, the door opening promptly. It was dark, furthering Anthea’s suspicion. The Rodian turned on the lights, but only a few came on, the light coming to a slight dim. “Here, the speeder bike is in the corner over there. Can you wait here for a second; I need to go get something.” Anthea walked past the Rodian and halted her advance. Something was wrong here. Something was off…she sensed the Dark Side. Anthea quickly turned sharply around, but she was too late – the Rodian was already in motion, and smacked the back of her head with the hilt of a blaster pistol. Anthea hit the floor, and caught a few words. “…Her?...Yes…Excellent…Take her…” Anthea then saw two red eyes staring back at her. She nearly gasped. The next words that were said, she definitely heard. “Well, well, our little Jedi has appeared.” – Anthea then blacked out.

The one who penetrates the darkness, like the moon and the stars, giving hope to the fallen, and giving wings to the heart.

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Re: Stories of Old ~ Forces of Two

Post by Nautilus888 on Tue Mar 12, 2013 8:52 pm

I wanted more on the Boards, I wanted more on the SoL, and I want more here!

Keep up the amazing work, MD!!! I Am Very Happy!


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Re: Stories of Old ~ Forces of Two

Post by Frushy on Thu Mar 14, 2013 3:37 pm

Can I copy this word for word and say it's mine? Razz JK
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Re: Stories of Old ~ Forces of Two

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